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“Leverage Technology to Immersive New Learning Platform”

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      EdTech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a company which experience in language teaching, learning, VR development, and AI speech chatbot technology. Our passion and the ability to leverage technology for learners at hand, we seek to realize our dream where language and professional training are more easily accessible for all. We develop and provide innovation products which can be integrated in Hybrid Platforms of language learning.
      By offering a comprehensive and hybrid approach comprising online, offline, VOIP, and AR-VR practice, we are certain that our unique set of services stand to revolutionize the way in which learners and employees approach language learning and training of most all skills.

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VR SPEECH Learning a language has never been easier with VR learning modules allowing you to practice English in a way which integrates experiential learning for better recall!
Have a chat in a restaurant, or hurry to your job interview via taxi and all from your phone—anywhere, any time.

* App requirement for android
• Android 6 and above
• Gyroscope sensor

“Leverage Technology to Immersive New Learning Platform”

About Us

“Leverage Technology to Immersive New Learning Platform”

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